Hog Roast Belper Cooking Up A Delicious Wedding Breakfast

When Jo and Deb asked Hog Roast Belper to cater for their wedding reception, they had some ideas in mind but asked us to work with them so they could create the menu of their dreams. Your wedding day is such an important day, and we understand that entirely, having catered so many over many years, and we know that often our customers don’t just want to pick from a menu and instead want to tailor everything to their wants and need, as well as to the personal tastes and dietary needs of their guests too. 

Hog Roast Belper

So Hog Roast Belper sat down with Jo and Deb months ago, to talk about what food they wanted to be featured on their big day. Both knew that for the main course, our fabulous Southern Slow Roast menu would go down a treat with everyone invited. This versatile menu provides variety and choice, with three types of marinated meat to choose from a possible five and four tasty sides to select too. 

In terms of the meat, this menu has beef brisket, whole roast chickens, spicy lamb, sticky ribs and barbecued pork butt, which are all marinated in our secret rubs beforehand and then roasted low and slow on the day and served with some scrumptious sauces. Plus we have seven side dishes to choose from, including baked potatoes, sweet potato wedges, homemade coleslaw, mac and cheese, corn cobettes, Greek salad and green leaf salad. There is something for everyone with this menu so it’s no wonder it is so popular. There’s even a vegetarian option of grilled vegetable and halloumi wraps, served with a Tzatziki sauce. 

For their main course, Jo and Deb asked Hog Roast Belper to cook lamb, pork and beef, accompanied by jacket potatoes, wedges, coleslaw, and mac and cheese. They also wanted a starter of homemade vegetable soup with croutons and bread rolls and a dessert selection served to the guests, and we would start off by serving glasses of bubbly and a variety of canapés too.

The day of the wedding, we spent hours roasting the meats and preparing the rest of the lovely food, and by 5pm it was time to toast the happy couple and tell them to all dig in.