Hog Roast Catering


When it comes to hog roasting or any catering for that matter a good set of wide ranging menus is exceptionally important, because no matter how skilful a company or how great a service they can provide, if there isn’t a menu on offer that you like the look of you aren’t going to use that caterer. And this is why we view our catering menus as being as important to our success and appeal as any other facet of Spitting Pig Derby, it’s why the menus we have are sectioned for different events and why in total we have close to 20 menus running for you to take your pick from for your hog roast in Ripley.

There is a feast of menus available with Spitting Pig Derby, and each menu is the perfect gateway to a feast of food, food so fine in taste that you’ll froth at the mouth in taste bud delight. Our team is well acquainted with good food and with an expert understanding of what constitutes a good menu, with plenty of feedback from the public along the way; we’ve carefully crafted a series of menus that are super tasty and each with a unique flavour to appeal to different customers preferences.

Reinvented Hog Roasting

As well as a fantastic range of set menus to mull over, what really impresses our customers is just how liberal we are when it comes to menus and event catering. There are many other companies that like to play it safe and insist on working from the same menus again and again and again, but not us, we would rather make the event as best we can for the customer and if that includes customising and changing a menu slightly or significantly then we’re always eager to do that if it means making your hog roast in Chesterfield that much better for you.

Hog Roasts & Fine Dining

We try our best to carry menus that represent and cover different dishes so that there’s something all interested browsers can see and I say ‘That’s the menu for me.’ But that’s not always the case, in fact there’s a lot of you out there who have something specific in mind, maybe there’s a dish that you really, really want at your event and you’re adamant about it, in that case we’re the best hog roasters to deal with in Derby because Spitting Pig will do everything we can for our customers. We’ll provide you with meals made with special meats and ingredients and add meals to your menu whether a special salad you really like or an animal or breed of animal that you want for your hog roast in Donington event.

Hog Roast DerbyIn most cases though very few people actually feel the need to request new meals and meats because there are just so many options already available in the numerous menus that are on offer. We have a snack roll menu if you aren’t a fan of pork sandwiches and that has the option of any of the following meats to be served in a bread roll: Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Beef. All are spit roasted just like the hog roll sandwiches, but they can be cooked in a tray if you prefer, it’s up to you. The fuller buffet menus and the sit-down menus with more dishes open up a whole new world of selection for customers and there’s so many choices of canapes, salads, main dishes, potato sides, starters and desserts that you would seriously struggle to take a look through and not find foods that appeal to you, you’ll probably work up an appetite just looking through our menus there’s so many incredible foods listed.

Spitting Pig is so popular in Derby because of our loyalty to great food and customers, but also another factor for our favourability amongst Derby folk is that we’re proud of where we’re from and have a deep respect for the land and the people, and it’s because of this that we’re really stubborn when it comes to where the food we cook comes from. If it doesn’t come from the local Derby countryside then we aren’t interested, the only time we do source ingredients from elsewhere is if a customer requests a specific animal or breed of animal that we don’t have access to in Derby, or if an ingredient in one of our dishes depends on an ingredient that can’t be grown or isn’t grown in Derby. Aside from in those two cases the majority of the ingredients in our menu are all local, and come from the best local farmers there are, and the meats that we use as well as being local are also raised fairly and in good free range conditions with a natural diet that makes our catering all the more tasty with a hog roast in Derby!

Hire A Hog Roast Machine

We have an insatiable hunger for being the best there is, being the best we can be and ultimately being the best decision that you make. We want to be at your event helping to make it great and this couldn’t be clearer with the immense collection of menus and menu options that there are with Spitting Pig Derby.

Hog Roast DerbyWedding menus from Spitting Pig are built for the splendid occasion and you’ll find different menus for different types of wedding and different weddings occasion. Our pig sandwich menu goes great at a wedding at the after-party, or our sit-down meals are wonderful for the actual wedding meal.
You’ll also see that the party menu section is just as impressive and filled with wonderful food for a wonderful birthday party or any sort of celebration party. A genuine favourite of our customers at a party is the informal buffet menu and having sampled it ourselves many times we can see why!

And then there’s the corporate section for a corporate event or dinner, and lots of unique menus for specific seasons and occasions. We have a winter warmer menu in the winter months that’s nothing short of fantastic on a cold morning, or evening.

Have a look at our menus and let us know what you think, enquiries and bookings can be made by telephone or email.