Hog Roast Burton upon Trent

The Best Hog Roasts In Burton Upon Trent

Lincolnshire - set up1If you’re organising a party or event and you’d like something a little different to the normal party finger food, a Burton upon Trent hog roast could just be the perfect solution. As the best hog roast suppliers in Derbyshire, we have been serving delicious hog roasts to the residents of Burton upon Trent and its surrounding areas for over 10 years. This means you can feel 100% confident that we’ve not only got the experience, but we’ve also got the know-how to cook a perfect, succulent roast without any mishaps.

Whether you’re planning an intimate family get-together, or you love the idea of some wholesome and delicious food for your company’s outdoor yearly event, we’ll provide you with top class catering and top class food.

Hog Roast Catering For 3 Or 300 We’re Flexible

Our well-established hog roast catering company has years of experience in serving the most juicy and tasty hog roasts in the Derbyshire area and, as Burton upon Trent’s number one hog roast caterers, we always ensure that the service we provide and the food that we serve is a cut above the norm.

Regardless of whether you fancy a hog roast for a small get-together or you’re looking for top quality food to make your corporate event stand out in the minds of your guests, our event caterers will put together a package to suit you. Both outdoor and indoor events are within our scope, and our dedicated catering team will turn up at your venue before the party starts to prepare all the food fresh.

As you can see, we have a multitude of experience in the hog roasting and catering business. We will be happy to quote you for an event package to suit your budget, ranging from a simple barbeque or hog roast, to a sumptuous buffet or an extravagant party.

Why Our Hog Roasts Are The Bestqa

Everyone loves a hog roast! The aroma, the crackle, the theatre of the event. Your guests will love to see their food cooking, it’s a sensory pleasure for many. No other party or event food has the same impact as a whole hog roasting on the spit. This impressive sight, golden brown and with a crispy crackling, will have your guests queuing even before the roast hog has been carved for serving.

A whole hog will takes several hours to roast, then when it’s ready to serve, our professional chef will carve the meat with the ceremony it deserves. The pork is served in crisp bread rolls, with accompaniments of stuffing and apple sauce, plus the crispy crackling.

In addition to our varied and wide choice of menus for roast pork, which incidentally is produced from the locally farmed, finest breeds of livestock, we also offer a splendid selection of alternative meats, equally as good quality and great tasting. We are able to provide menus that include Poultry, Roast Beef or Spring Lamb which we also cook to the same exacting standards using spit roasting equipment and our state of the art ovens, to produce outstandingly good results.

Burton Upon Trent Hog Roast Machine For Hire

If you fancy yourself as a dab hand on a barbecue, why not try the knack of hog roasting? Simply hire one of our hog roast machines from our Burton upon Trent hog roast company in Burton upon Trent. Our machines come as a package with everything you need to cook the hog roast yourself. You’ll be given comprehensive instructions, the Derbyshire - wedding4cooking gas and, should you need it, the meat itself that we’ll source fresh from our local suppliers.

Of course, you can also source your own meat if you wish the decision is ultimately yours. Our prices are very competitive, so get in touch with us to see how we can create a customised package just for you.