Are you a lover of the elaborate wedding breakfast or do you like things a little more simple? We realise that all couples like different things and that’s why we give you lots of options

We have delicious Canapes and exquisite starters to some quality main courses including roasts, and of course those all important desserts. We like to think that what we offer covers every angle but we appreciate that you may still want something slightly different, which is why we make every effort to tinker until we get it just how you want it. At Spitting Pig Derbyshire, we will do all we can to make a great day a perfect day! That includes ensuring that your menu is completed and ready in plenty of time for the main event. We will also set our alarms early and will be ready at the venue a full six hours in advance of proceedings. You see, we want to make sure that it all goes according to plan.

It’s not just the wedding breakfast we care about. Why not make your evening extra special, too? One of our lamb or hog roasts will really give you and your guests an evening boost! Our Spitting Pig Derbyshire Wedding packages include wedding breakfasts and evening buffets. In short, it means that you can trust everything to us!

Everyone knows that a wedding can be a most stressful event, from making sure the flowers arrive, panicking about it blowing a gale and fretting about the food. At least Spitting Pig Derbyshire will ensure the food and the service will be utterly fantastic. Together we can make it a wonderful day indeed.

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