A Scrumptious Traditional Hog Roast Duffield Meal

Here at Hog Roast Duffield, we have so much choice and variety that you’ll no doubt be surprised, but we’re so much more than just hog roasters. While hog roasts are hugely important to us and our long-term customers (after all, they’re a part of our name!) we also know just how important it is to offer alternative and additional options so that everyone invited can eat and enjoy our tasty food.

Hog Roast DuffieldWhen it comes to special diets, whether self-imposed like plant-based or vegetarian, or due to an allergy, intolerance or religious beliefs, as long as we have advance notice, our chef can whip up a delicious option fresh on the day of your party or event. We also offer various alternative meat dishes, either instead of or indeed as well as one of our amazing hog roast centrepieces, like barbecued burgers, ribs or sausages or spit-roasted lamb, turkey, beef or chicken.

We even have speciality standalone Hog Roast Duffield menus, like our Southern Slow Roast, where you select three marinated meat mains and four hot or cold sides from a list, or our Loaded Fries, which are smothered in beef or pork, slaw and melted cheese. Plus if you’re thinking of us serving multiple courses, you can choose from an assortment of starters, sides, desserts and even handmade canapés, and we offer both hot and cold options of all of these.

Hog Roast Duffield is often asked by our customers to slow-roast a hog in order to make piles of pigs in buns, which you may already know as hog roast rolls, but sometimes we are asked to make a plated meal out of the pork and crackling, served alongside seasonal vegetables and potatoes, as well as onion gravy, sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce – our scrumptious homemade trio.

For a party that we catered on Saturday, that’s exactly what we made for all of the guests, with warm new potatoes in a herb butter, carrots, wild mushrooms, sprouts and the tender meat and crispy crackling all drenched in yummy gravy and not forgetting served with apple sauce and stuffing. The guests ate every last bit so we know it went down a treat!