Your Dream Hog Roast Ashbourne Menu Is Just A Phone Call Away

Here at Hog Roast Ashbourne, we love to cook a traditional centrepiece hog roast from scratch, using top-quality, local meat that we source from trusted suppliers of farmers and butchers. Whether we’re asked to make a sit-down meal, where the hog roast is served together with your choice of seasonal vegetables and potatoes and homemade trimmings of onion gravy, sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, using our own brand of hog roast machines, the end result is always tender, succulent meat that just melts in your mouth, and salty, crunchy crackling too.

Hog Roast AshbourneNevertheless, we’ve always understood that sometimes our customers or their guests would like to enjoy something totally different, and with a Hog Roast Ashbourne spit roast, barbecue or standalone menu instead, we can wow everyone just as much as we would with a hog roast. With your choice of spit-roasted meat, you can either have it served with fresh rolls and wraps or as part of a meal, and you get to choose your favourite from lamb, beef or poultry or something a bit more exotic if you like, or perhaps a barbecue of chicken kebabs, spare ribs, beef burgers and sausages may be more your style.

In terms of our own standalone menus, as well as our Barbecue, we can whip up a Southern Slow Roast, which consists of three main meats and four sides, or our Loaded Fries, which are smothered in meat, slaw and melted cheese, or how about our newly-added Alfresco, which is where you dine on antipasti platters, a hog roast and then dessert. Each of our standalones is a lovely way to treat your guests, so once you’ve tried one, we’re sure you’ll want to try another!

If you have any dietary requirements that need catering, we can easily do that too, as long as we have prior notice and Hog Roast Ashbourne can also help you to build your own menu from scratch if needed. With all kinds of handmade canap├ęs, starters, sides and puddings to choose from, your dream menu is just a phone call away, so make that call right now!