Hog Roast Chapel-en-le-Frith – Taking Event Catering To The Next Level

With a Hog Roast Chapel-en-le-Frith standalone menu, which we’ve perfected and served to countless happy customers and their guests, you can really spoil those you invite to your next special occasion, whether you’d like yours to feature a hog roast or something entirely different. We’re renowned for our traditional hog roast centrepieces, made either into plated meals or pigs in buns, but we’re also well-known for our alternatives, and with one of our standalones, you can make it easier on yourself while still getting a delicious treat.

We have several standalones on offer, including our Alfresco, Barbecue, Southern Slow Roast and Loaded Fries, which range from a three-course feast to mains with sides and also just a main all by itself, so we really do have something for everyone. If you’re thinking of featuring someone unique that will wow your guests and have them queuing up for seconds or more, one of these amazing Hog Roast Chapel-en-le-Frith menus may be just the ticket, so read on for more information about each of them.

Hog Roast Chapel-en-le-FrithOur Alfresco is a three-course meal with an Italian twist, as we serve starters of antipasti meats, cheeses and breads, followed by a hog roast main with four sides of potatoes and salads, and you even get a choice of desserts to finish it all off perfectly. This is a great way to ensure that everyone you invite has more than enough to eat and is something novel that your guests may not be expecting. If you prefer grilled meats and several sides for your next party or event, our Barbecue may be a better bet, as you get to enjoy our handmade British beef burgers and gourmet sausages, ribs, chicken kebabs, coleslaw, a Greek salad and chips or sweet potato fries (or a combo).

For marinated meats instead, our Southern Slow Roast is the way to go, as you get to choose your favourite trio of meats from pork, chicken, lamb, beef and ribs, as well as four hot or cold sides, while our Loaded Fries come smothered with meat, slaw, cheese and jalapenos. For one of these yummy standalones or something else instead, call Hog Roast Chapel-en-le-Frith today.