Hog Roast Clowne has December on the mind

Hog Roast ClowneNovember has hit. The countdown to Christmas has begun. It has been a whole year since Hog Roast Clowne has served a Christmas inspired menu and they had made subtle changes to their menu to make it even tastier. So that Hog Roast Clowne’s teams can recall the menu and learn the new and improved changes, they thought it was a good idea to host a training day. 

The training day allowed for everyone to prep and serve the menu to Hog Roast Clowne’s wonderful neighbours, family, friends and businessmen/women. Inviting people for the lunchtime hour meant that the food was not wasted and that the teams got to serve the menu insinuating an actual event – win, win. 

The Christmas menu consists of classic Turkey crowns, winter vegetables, potatoes, stuffing balls, the favourite pigs in blankets and finished with a layer of gravy. It includes desserts – bonus! The choices are traditional mince pies or rich chocolate yule log with brandy cream. All served on environmentally friendly wooden plates and cutlery. It smells, tastes and looks divine – get booking! 

Catering manager Martin first prepped Turkey’s. Underneath the Turkey’s skin was rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary sprigs. Ensuring that this reaches under the skin locks in the flavour as it cooks. Turkey was then placed in a roasting tray and white wine was poured in the bottom. The liquid helps the Turkey to lock in moisture resulting in tender meat. 

While the Turkey’s cooked, the vegetables were prepped. Catering manager Martin tends to do a medley of vegetables for the winter menu. He showed his team how to prepare and cook Broccoli, green beans, Brussel sprouts and carrots. Once cooked it basted them with herbed butter.  Martin uses new potatoes; he parts boil them and then finishes them off in the oven with garlic and rosemary to match the Turkey’s flavouring. Hog Roast Clowne

The sage and onion stuffing gets mixed with the Turkey’s juices making it extra flavourful. 

Martin’s teams got a refresh of the menu, and everyone enjoyed having a special and free November Christmas meal!