Hog Roast Huntingdon Handled A Surprise 80th Birthday Party

Celebrating eight decades of a life well-lived, John was in for the surprise of a lifetime as his children organised a grand birthday bash at a nearby bowling club. As a beloved member of his family and local community, the hall was filled to the brim with 100 well-wishers eager to join in the festivities. And to ensure the ravenous crowd was treated to a feast worthy of the landmark celebration, Hog Roast Huntingdon was asked to step in and handle the catering.

Hog Roast HuntingdonOur dedicated catering manager, Martin, was more than happy to help make sure this occasion went down as a success story. And so, he set out to please the ravenous guests with our wow-worthy Alfresco Menu – an ideal choice for events that demand a fantastic feast with an affordable price tag. The focal point of the buffet was a carefully prepared hog roast. Using time-served techniques and our trusty HogMaster, Martin cooked the full-size pig to golden perfection, ensuring the crackling was irresistibly crispy. As  Martin expertly carved the pig, unveiling the juicy and tender meat within, guests watched in amazement.

The feast kicked off as the succulent hog roast was served on gluten-free rolls, accompanied by applesauce and savoury stuffing. Coleslaw, buttered new potatoes, and a choice of salads infused extra layers of flavour into the meal, leaving the guests delightfully satisfied.

But Hog Roast Huntingdon didn’t stop there! In addition to the grand main course, each dining table was treated to a charcuterie board – a stunning presentation of Italian meats, cheeses, artisan bread, and various dressings. As the party went on, guests happily picked away at these delicious nibbles.

To cap off the celebration, Hog Roast Huntingdon presented rich and indulgent chocolate torte and handmade individual cheesecake puds that had the guests swooning with delight.

The birthday boy, John, couldn’t have wished for a better day. Surrounded by the warmth of his family and community, a delectable Hog Roast Huntingdon banquet, and the joyous spirit of the surprise party, John’s 80th will remain a fond memory that’s looked back on for a number of years to come.