Hog Roast Clay Cross – Buffet Style Garden Party!

Hog Roast Clay Cross were recently hired by Emily who was hosting a lovely garden party at her home. The food was planned to be served buffet style as the weather was planned to be a scorcher.

Hog Roast Clay CrossEmily had already set her heart on our Menu One of classic hog roast with stuffing, crispy crackling, bread rolls and wraps and veggie skewers for her vegan and vegetarian family members. The centre piece would of course be the hog roast, that would be slowly roasting in our Hogmaster machine. Hog Roast Clay Cross’s catering manager professionally carved the meat expertly in front of Emily’s thirty guests and started stripping the crackling from the meat and placing it at the front of the queue for people to snack on before experiencing the hog roast roll in all its glory. The meat itself would be served on a choice of bread roll or in a wrap, along with stuffing, crackling and your choice of sauce (a fan favourite would be our homemade apple sauce).

At Emily’s request we also served herbed new potatoes, and our local butcher sausages, great for creating hot dogs for the children. As the serving time commenced, we fed thirty hungry family members in record time, with many coming back for seconds and even thirds! Hog Roast Clay Cross worked really hard to make sure all the food tasted fantastic and that they worked professionally and always with a smile.

We pride ourselves on using fresh local produce which always ensure our food tastes extraordinary. After the buffet had ended, they wrapped up the food for Emily to leave in her fridge for a snack later on, and we cleared up our equipment quietly whilst their family were still chatting the night away!