Hog Roast Grantchester Christmas Movie Night At The Drive-In

The weeks running up to Christmas are always exceptionally busy for our Hog Roast Grantchester team, and with lots of celebrations to catch up on after lockdown, so far, this year hasn’t been much different.

Hog Roast GrantchesterSo, kicking off the festivities last Friday night, our catering crew were tasked with serving a complete hog roast spread to ticketholders at a local drive-in theatre. With movies like Elf and Home Alone set to play on the big screen for viewers to watch from the comfort of their own cars, event organiser, Casey had asked us to provide one of our famous winter warming feasts for the occasion!

Having sold out of all 100 spaces ahead of the festive movie night, the client had asked us to choose a more simplistic menu from our selection of catering options, which would ensure none of the guests would have to wait too long in a queue and risk getting hangry before the showing. This, doubled with the ease of implementing social-distancing measures, meant that our classic hog roast menu was ideal for the job.

Fast-forwarding to the day of the event, Hog Roast Grantchester travelled to the venue where they immediately began prepping for the evening show. Bracing themselves against the ice-cold blasts of wind and the chilling snowfall which had begun to blanket the ground, the catering team worked tirelessly to rustle up a proper spit roast with homemade applesauce, crispy crackling and sage and onion stuffing for the meat lovers, and a meatless option of grilled veggie kebabs with optional Greek halloumi cheese for vegetarians and vegans. As an added treat, our home-cut golden fries were added to the menu along with gluten-free rolls and lightly floured wraps.

Darkness soon crept in, and with it, the arrival of the first of the guests who excitedly lined up to collect the succulent pork and drool-worthy accompaniments which had filled the entire venue with mouth-watering aromas. The flurries of snow set the perfect festive backdrop for the Christmas movie marathon, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed having a Hog Roast Grantchester special to keep them toasty during the showings