Hog Roast Repton Catering For A Corporate Celebration

Citizens Advice, the network that brings together 316 independent charities from across the UK with the sole intention of providing impartial financial, consumer and legal advice to anyone who needs it recently celebrated their 80th year of service; and hoping to mark their massive achievement with a well-deserved event, the Mid Mercia branch got in touch with Hog Roast Repton. New to the world of hog roasts, the client had a number of questions to ask and knowing the business inside and out, our catering manager Martin was happy to answer which quickly put them at ease. After taking some time to look over our list of corporate catering packages which offer an exceptional range of quality dishes, the client decided that our classic hog roast menu would be best suited to their informal get-together – and we couldn’t agree more!

Hog Roast ReptonAfter waking up bright and early on the morning of the event, Martin and the rest of the catering crew loaded up the van and switched on the GPS which led them to the Citizens Advice building in Derbyshire. To shield them from the drizzly autumn weather, the team promptly set up the gazebo before getting started on slow roasting the whole pig which had been evenly scored to create that perfect layer of crispy crackling that our clients always look forward to.

With our Hog Master taking care of the main attraction, the Hog Roast Repton team turned their attention to the accompaniments of sweet applesauce, soft floured gluten free rolls and the homemade savoury stuffing which they kept warm using our stainless steel chafing dishes. As well as the succulent meat dish, the crew also prepared a vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternative of grilled vegetable skewers using a combination of locally-sourced red onion, colourful bell peppers, courgettes and halloumi.

By the time the lunch bell chimed at 1pm, the 100 members of staff and guests that had been invited to enjoy the buffet were filled with excitement and just as quickly as the Hog Roast Repton crew expertly sliced up the pig to create some beautiful pulled pork, the guests were filling their plates and satisfying their appetite which had been brewing all morning.